April 2020 - Taranis Release News

April 2020 - Taranis Release News

Usability Improvements

As part of our ongoing strive to improve our key features' user experience, we have invested in hardening - bug fixes and improvements in the dashboard, Capitan and Atlas - while supporting a successful US season kickoff.
It was a very challenging month for everyone, but we are full steam ahead!

Layers, Legends and Averages 

We added the ability to view average value to the following layers both for multi-view and for single fields
  • All Insights layers - Weed and Emergence

  • NDVI - Standard

  • NDVI - Dynamic

  • GNDVI - Standard

  • GNDVI - Dynamic


Next, we will add averages to the following UHR layers

  • UHR - NDVI - Standard

  • UHR - NDVI - Dynamic

  • UHR - Termal

  • UHR - Water Stress


In addition to the averages and the min/max value, we added a detailed legend for single fields in the Map layers section for all relevant layers. 

Map in Capitan

As part of our improvements in Capitan, we created a map so that the pilot will be able to plan his week easily, will be able to approve/reject the order in a bulk.


In order to do it, the pilot needs to click on the map icon in the top panel.
The search at the top panel also affects the orders on the map.

Then he can click on a specific order or draw a polygon for multiple orders, and select the planned date. after the pilot finishes spreading the orders between the dates, he needs to click on the approve button to save the changes or clear button to restore the changes.

The pilot can also reject all selected orders by clicking on the reject button.

There is a legend on the right side of the map, every status is also a filter.

Coming soon

Fields List Filters

A fresh Look & Feel to our fields list filters, which will allow a more intuitive and easy-to-use experience. Note that the ‘More’ menu (on the right) will have a ‘Super User’ version with some of the filters we have today. 


Orders page

At part of our effort to ease our operation, we changed the order’s page so that the customer will be able to order a flight window from Sunday - Saturday. It still a one week window, but with these structured dates our operations will be able to understand better how many orders they have to take care of every week.

In addition,  we sum up all the acres that the customer ordered for each week, so he will have a visualization way to understand if he reached his weekly capacity. The next phase will be to limit the customer to order more than his own weekly capacity.

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