April 2021 - Taranis Release News

April 2021 - Taranis Release News

Taranis CONNECT Mobile App 

Performance Enhancement

Users logging into the app for the first time will experience a much faster login. Even for users with thousands of insights, the initial first-time loading time will always be around 10-15 sec (depending on the user connectivity). 

Emergence and Weeds Insights 

We have simplified the way we display the data for the Emergence and Weeds Insights. 
For Emergence, we have changed the wording of the titles of the different sections. In addition, the histogram is now showing the area in acres and as a percentage of the total. And last but not least we added a description to the X-axis of the histogram to make it easier to understand.

For Weeds, apart from the change in the chart appearance, we’ve separated the species list into broadleaf and grass weeds to make our Insights even easier to understand.

Field Health Insight

We will stop presenting field health insights with no negative change, meaning insights with a score of 0%, in order to reduce a large number of insights created.

Taranis Web Application

Participating Fields Filter

Further increasing our operational reliability - users can now filter all participating fields associated with a plan for better understanding the geography of the fields, to find potential obstacles during operation, and to verify that each and every acre can be serviced. 


Dynamic Flight Plan

We now show the number of required images to generate valid insights as part of the UI. This information can be handy in rare cases where the field shape does not enable the system to automatically generate sufficient waypoints for image acquisition. In those rare cases, the pilot can then generate an additional flight plan that will acquire images in the remaining area. Showing this information will help the pilot to always complete the mission no matter the field


Support uploading wide-angle images

We are planting the seeds (pun intended) for “area level” insights by initially collecting wide-angle images from M300 drone missions. Once collected, we will use these images to analyze what Insights we can generate. This research will guide us in defining how the area level layer will look like and the value we can provide to our customers by displaying it in our system. 

A Sneak Preview - April 2021 R2 Release 

Over the next two releases, we will introduce searching and filtering functionality in Taranis CONNECT. This functionality will enable the agronomist to cut through all the Insights received and quickly and accurately determine those fields that require immediate attention. By providing the agronomist with the ability to respond quickly to issues discovered in the field, the growers will receive more valuable insights that can be turned into action. 

We will present both positive and negative change percentages instead of only the negative change in the field to allow a quick and clear decision process. On the insight, the insight card will present positive change in a green and negative change in red. When selecting an insight, the positive and negative changes will be presented with the same colors.


Our next release will include “pre-saved queries”. This feature will enable users with one click to filter for missions based on common parameters. For instance, pre-saved queries could be “approved missions for the next week”, “today’s scheduled missions'', etc. This will provide users with a quick and easy way to find the information they need. Selecting a query will pre-populate the relevant filters, and the user will be able to modify the filters on demand.

Field Velocity

As part of our efforts to ensure that all the features in our web and mobile applications provide the maximum value to our customers, we are declaring ‘end of life' for the ‘Field Velocity’ Insight. This insight will be removed from the web application and the cumulative rainfall and the cumulative heat unit chart will be moved under the weather section. Customers who want to receive information on the biomass progress of their field over the course of time can check out our ‘Field Health’ Insight. This insight enables customers to track the progress of the NDVI over the course of a season. 

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