Taranis Release News - August 2022

August 2022 - Taranis Release News

User Feedback in the Taranis Web Application

Taranis strives for the highest-quality image annotation and insight accuracy, and to achieve this goal,  several automated and manual quality control processes. To complement these, and allow users to express their satisfaction or improvement requests, the web application was enhanced to provide means for on-screen feedback.

The feedback is available for all web application users and can be done for individual images as well as insights. User feedback is extremely useful as it provides Taranis the indication to either continue its annotations process and insight delivery or adjust its automated and manual procedures to further increase outputs’ usability.

The feature was released during the month of August as the web application was enhanced with on-screen feedback options for both individual images as well as insights as a whole. The new functionality allows users to indicate a positive (“like”) and a negative (“dislike”) review and leave a textual comment which will ensure the full context of the feedback has been provided. 

Threats Filter is Now Available in the Dashboard

Users are now able to filter the dashboard by specific threats. The new functionality can be useful when trying to address fields with similar threats throughout the season.  

Once selected, the filter can be removed from the threats filter option or by using the filters above the table:

Capitan Enhancements

To allow better visibility of upcoming missing, the Drone Pilots application (Capitan) now supports filtering missions by date. The different dates are clearly distinguishable by color, making it easier to apply the filter when outside in the field and in suboptimal external conditions.

Click on the map view to see the dates on the bottom of the map. Each day has its color to help differentiate between the missions on different days. Click on the eye symbol to view the missions on the desired day:

Enhanced Sampled Images

The sampled image parts selected for each insight are now using an improved cropping mechanism, allowing users to better understand the discovered threat in a visible manner. The improved images can be found across all sampled images used in the Taranis web application and CONNECT, including insight view, PDF report, CONNECT, etc.

Please note that at this stage the improved sampled images are available for insights created on August 31, 2022 and moving forward.  

Additional Enhancements

  • Performance Improvement in CONNECT: mobile app users can now enjoy better performance when accessing the app as the initial insights screen performance has been enhanced allowing quicker navigation to insights.
  • Additional Support for Portuguese: more than a 100 web components were translated to Portuguese to further enhance the usability of the interfaces.

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