Climate FieldView Integration Instructions

Climate FieldView Integration Instructions

1. Open Taranis SmartScout web-application

2.In the upper right-hand corner of  the screen click the user icon.  This will open the user setting and  profile page. 

3. Navigate to the Settings tab  and click Connect next to  Climate FieldView

4. A fields selection section will open, to select the fields to sync with FieldView. 

5. After selecting the desired fields, click the “Connect” button. This will open the Climate login page.

6. Enter your Climate FieldView™ log-in credentials and hit: 

After reading the disclosure,  select: 

7. On the user settings page you  will notice an indication for the  data syncing between Taranis  and Climate FieldView™. When sync is completed, the Climate username will appear on the connection line and a new connection option will be created on the next line. This will allow multiple connections per user to multiple FieldView accounts. There is an option to disconnect the connection or to edit it, by selecting new fields or deselecting selected fields (which will stop insight sync for these fields)

You can see the status of your  connection at any time on the  user settings page. 

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