Taranis Release News - December 2022

December 2022 - Taranis Release News

Intelligent Flight Scheduling (IFS)

Ensuring customers gain the maximum value from our service, the new Taranis 2023 service plans were set to deliver an ever greater surveying of the field throughout the season with a smart, yet predictable missions cadence. 

The 2023 service plans and its mission scheduling combine timing, frequency and transparency, bringing actionable stand count, weeds and other threats insights at a timely manner to ag-retailers and growers.

To support the mission scheduling, Taranis further enhanced its mission scheduling technology, named Intelligent Flight Scheduler (or IFS),  geared to improve our serviceability by first arriving at the field at the right time from an agronomic perspective for a meaningful stand count insight and early weeds detection, followed by fixed set of missions to increase service predictability. The IFS implementation considers many factors and use cases, and provides a unified model which reliably schedules Taranis missions.

The technology is providing accurate mission scheduling for several crop types, including Soybean, Corn and Cotton, as well as many other crops that are being serviced.

To perform its stand count and early weeds scheduling decision, IFS utilizes a proven stage growth model, provided by ClearAG by DTN, with later missions scheduled with a fixed number of days between them.

You can download the 2023 service plans description from our Knowledge Center here.

Additional Enhancements

Dashboard Enhancements

The insights dashboard enables summarization at a grower level for all fields, together with an at-a-glance overview, for immediate prioritization and planning next steps.The dashboard filters are used to further focus on specific fields and insights based on user preferences. The selected filters are now saved and are persistent throughout the user use of the web application, allowing users to navigate from and back to the dashboard keeping their filter selection, removing the need to reselect those filters. 

MapAtlas (Mission Scheduling and Monitoring) Enhancements

Increasing operational efficiency and ensuring on-time mission execution, the newly developed Area of Operation (AOO) functionality has been enhanced to allow setting AOO boundaries using a polygon to best reflect the AOO area. Additionally, editing AOO size, filtering by color as well as assigning missions to an AOO are now available to users. 

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Fields growing cycle: following a bulk edit, the fields are not reset, so no fields are selected, allowing to make new bulk changes easily to a new set of fields. 
  2. FIelds list export: an issue in the fields list export caused an error when downloading the list that included line breaks. The issue was resolved and all field lists can be exported and used.
  3. Zoom buttons: while using the mouse to zoom in and out on images was working properly, the in-app buttons had an issue and were not functioning properly. This issue was resolved and both mouse and in-app zoom buttons are now working properly.
  4. Zoom out: the web application now allows zooming out to fully see the image from no zoom to more than 3000% zoom level.
  5. Back to all fields button: the :”back to all fields” button is now available in all scenarios, including after a field data information was updated. 

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