Developing custom plans for pesticide-resistant weeds

Developing custom plans for pesticide-resistant weeds

The future of farming lies in customized weed treatment.

For farmers, it’s an all-too-familiar problem: To protect their crops from invasive weeds, they apply pesticides to their fields, only to see pesticide-resistant weeds rear their heads – with the vicious cycle continuing as farmers turn to a second (or third) round of pesticides that also prove ineffective.
How can farmers break this cycle? A standard pesticide application process won’t cut it: Simply put, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Precision agriculture tools

Instead, the future of farming lies in customized weed treatment. And the future is here: With precision agriculture tools, farmers can efficiently and precisely detect which of the more than 8,000 species of weeds are sprouting in their fields.
Armed with this information, farmers can apply treatments tailored to specific weed types, preventing the overuse of costly chemicals and the development of pesticide resistance.
Here’s how the problem took root – and how farmers can respond.

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