Taranis Mobile App Insights Download

Downloading Insights for Offline Availability

Using the new “Available Offline” option in the fields menu tab, users are now able to see and use insights even when they are offline with no internet connection.

Downloading Insights

How to download insights for offline availability in your CONNECT mobile app:
  • Open the CONNECT app

  • Click on the “Fields” tab

  • Select the fields you want their insights to be available in offline

  • Check “Available offline” 

  • Insights for the field will start downloading instantly, showing download progress  

  • Once the check box has been marked, the insights for these fields are now available using the “Downloaded Insights” menu option

Pro Tip: You must have a good cellular or wifi connection in order to download insights 

The “Downloaded Insights” will display the following:
  • Downloaded stand count and threats insights from the last year (new insights will continue to be downloaded)

  • The latest 7 Field Health insights 

NOTE: when logging out, all the insights will be deleted from the device


How can I delete the insights downloaded on my device? 

To delete downloaded insights for a field, you can do the following:

  • Click on the “Fields” tab

  • Uncheck “Available offline” to delete downloaded insights for those fields  

I checked a field but I don’t see anything on the “Downloaded insights” tab

Please make sure that you have insights for those fields. This can be done in CONNECT using the search option or using the web application (https://dashboard.taranis.ag)   

What do I do if all of my insights disappeared from the “Downloaded Insights” tab

There can be two cases where insights no longer appear in the “Downloaded Insights” screen:

  • Fields were unselected

  • User has logged out of the app

Can I share it offline?

Yes, you can continue to share insights as before. However, the insights will be sent only once an internet connection has been established.

Can I add a note in offline mode?

Yes, you can add the note and it will be saved on your device (no one else will see it). Once an internet connection has been establish, the note will be updated and will be saved for others to review as well.

Will offline mode take up storage space on my device?

Yes. One insight can take about 5-10Mb (It all depends on the number of images you have for each insight) 

How come I can’t see all the maps in offline mode

In order to lower device storage space use, the app will be downloaded to your device the field map boundaries and heatmap only (not all maps).


The "Downloaded Insights" menu option can used to access downloaded insights
Insights, with their images and annotations are available for offline review

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