February 2021 - Taranis Release News

February 2021 - Taranis Release News

CONNECT - Onboarding Release

Download Taranis CONNECT app, from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

As we’re approaching the final stretch towards the US season, the February 2021 R1 release of the Taranis CONNECT app is available, to help you make sure your clients are all set for the season.


First, make sure you (or your admin) created a Taranis account for you, by clicking the “Invite People” button, on the people list page, and sending out an email invitation from the  Taranis web application. 
Please reach out to the support team if you have any difficulties logging in. 
Make sure you have your credentials for your Taranis account. 
Enter your email address and your password. 
In case you are not sure about your credentials, you can contact your admin for a new password. 
In case you are already using Taranis dashboard web application, you can go to this link and reset your own password. 

After you enter your credentials correctly, you will successfully log into CONNECT and see the welcome page above, showing all the fields that are associated with service plans for the upcoming season. Once flights will commence, you will receive insights for those fields.

For admins:

  1. Please make sure the fields are assigned to a plan for the season, otherwise, fields will not be shown on the list 
  2. Please make sure that your users are associated with the respective clients.

In order to adjust, go into your user's profile, to check their settings

CONNECT enables partners to increase their brand awareness and digital presence with their growers by branding the app with their own logo and color scheme. 
The Taranis customer success representative can set up the logo, along with a primary and/or a secondary color, to be shown on the app pages. 
Upon login, the users will get a branded app.


My fields

Use the side menu to revisit My Fields page, if needed. 
You will remain logged in until using “logout”

 Taranis CONNECT Videos - Now available on YouTube

We are getting ready for the launch of Taranis CONNECT - our brand new mobile application - with new videos that are now available on the Taranis channel, under CONNECT playlist.

Visit the Taranis channel and watch the videos or refer customers to the playlist , for a smoother onboarding experience when the app launches next month. Stay tuned, as more videos will be released in the coming weeks. 


Bug Fixes 

Capitan (Taranis’ Flight Operation software)

In this release we fixed two issues we had in Capitan:

  1. The image validation process was stuck in case a large amount of images were imported to Capitan.

  2. The image validation process was stuck in case one of the images was corrupted.

A Sneak Preview - March 2021 R1 Release

Customer Success Dashboard

We are about to release a tool for Taranis Customer Success managers that will enable them to track customers' service plan usage and customers’ engagement on our Web app and CONNECT mobile app.
In addition, our customer success managers will be able to get alerts and notifications when customer help is required - for example -  fields without planting date, low plan usage etc.

Demo Data Duplication Tool

We are about to release a tool that will boost our customers onboarding/demoing experience with their users/clients/prospects. 

The tool will provide our customers with their own separate demo data environment, with the best suited examples for them to learn Taranis products through and safely experiment with the different functionality for users and admins. 

Our customers’ users will be able to manipulate this data with total confidence, as it doesn’t affect their season live data, clean it up or replace it at will. 

Please reach out to Taranis customer success representatives for assistance . 



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