How to Download a Fields List

How to Download a Fields List

In the web app, you can download a .csv list of fields that are uploaded into your account. 
There are two ways to do so: 

First, you can download an entire list for the organization that you are on. 

  1. Open the organization in which you would like to download. 
  2. Click the three buttons at the top of the fields list on the right hand side. 
  3. And select Download Fields List 

Second, you can select a specific set of clients, farms, or fields to download. 

  1. Open the organization in which you would like to download. 
  2. Click the box with a check mark inside it in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select the clients, farms, or fields from your list that you would like to export. 
  4. Click the green check box at the top to lock in your selection. 
  5. Then select the three dots at the top of the fields list on the right hand side. 
  6. And select Download Fields List 

This is an example of the fields list that will export to excel. It will include: Organization, client, farm, field, and area acres. 

Field ID is an internal number for Taranis. 
Crop, planting date, and planting population columns will only be filled in once that information is entered at the start of the season. 

Pro Tip:
Downloading a fields list can help you keep up to date on which fields have planting information associated with that field. 
Remember, planting information must be entered in order to generate the season missions for that field. 

Find the total amount of boundaries uploaded for an organization or client: 

Once you have your csv downloaded, you can find the total number of acres associated with your account. 
  1. In Column G "Area," you see the total area of acres associated with that boundary. 
  2. Select that column and find and replace all "ac" with just a space to eliminate the units 
    1. Ctrl + F -> Replace 
    2. Find what -> "ac"
    3. Replace with -> "space" (DO NOT TYPE THE WORD SPACE; SIMPLY HIT THE SPACE BAR) 
    4. Click Replace All and close 
  3. Once you have the units removed, select the entire column EXCEPT THE HEADER 
  4. At the bottom of the excel sheet you will see:
    1. Count -> number of fields in that column 
    2. Sum -> number of total acres in that column 

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