Integrations Overview & Roadmap

Integrations Overview & Roadmap

Integrations Overview 

Taranis SmartScout securely integrates with external systems, such as agronomy precision systems, retailer Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Farm Management Software (MFS) systems, equipment and other systems via standard protocols, such as HTTP.

Currently Taranis has integration capabilities with Climate FieldView to export heat maps from our insights and my John Deere to import field boundaries.

Integrations Roadmap

Taranis is currently integrated with the following systems:

  1. Pull - bring information from external system into Taranis 
  2. Push - send information from Taranis to external system 


Current Service

Next Steps

Climate FieldView

Push stand count and weeds heatmaps

Pull field data (asPlanted, asPlanted, yield maps…)

Push all insights

my JD

Pull field boundaries

Push prescriptions

Pull field data (asPlanted, asPlanted, yield maps…)

*In the middle column you may find the current service available with each system integration.

*In the right column you may find the next step for integration with each system.

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