January 2021 - Taranis Release News

January 2021 - Taranis Release News

Intelligent Flight Sche​duling 

Let us know when you planted your field, and we’ll take off: Taranis makes sure to capture your field at the perfect time to see the status and help you manage it.  

Introducing Taranis Intelligent Flight Scheduling functionality. In the past, clients had to handle flights scheduling for their respective fields throughout the season themselves. Today, with Taranis’ Intelligent Flight Scheduling, clients only need to inform us which fields are participating and the planting dates, and we will incorporate indices and best practices (GDU (growing degrees units) and schedule the flight at the optimal time to gather insights. 

The process for you as a customer is straightforward: 
  1. Select the desires plan
  2. Add the participating fields
  3. Make sure you set the planting date for every participating field

Dynamic Flight Plan

Easily adapt the flight route to in-field obstacles, and make sure the drone flies - and lands - safely.

Constantly improving our operational tools, we’re enhancing our image acquisition process. One of them is our dynamic flight plan module. In the past, we created flight plans based on satellite imagery which in some cases did not account for changes in the field - new obstacles, etc., etc. With our new dynamic flight plan module, our drone operators can create the flight plan dynamically with a few simple steps. These include considering in-field obstacles and a changeable starting point. As a result, we will be able to increase the reliability of our imaging process and shorten the turnaround time for our insights.   

Premium Satellite Imagery Improvements

Seeing your fields better than ever before: new coloring algorithms create a real-life-looking satellite image of the field, and an NDVI heatmap that is easier to analyze. 

We have improved our satellite imagery service with the latest satellite imagery, providing better visibility. This improvement is reflected in the visible images that are presented now with better clarity and coloring, and in the imagery data map layers that are based on Planet’s standard layers data, which are considered ground truth.
The main improvements are presented in the table below:



Imagery visibility

Taranis coloring of  the images to achieve image visibility 

Improved image visibility quality with Planet coloring

Imagery data map layers

Proprietary manipulation on Planet raw data. Example image below of NDVI values

Planet data provided is considered ground truth - our derivative products are based on Planet layers data. Example image below of NDVI values

Ordering of Planet imagery can be done in the Orders page as done today.

Field Health Trends 

Have you been comparing your NDVI layers manually to assess the crop’s health? 

Based on Planet imagery, you now get the  health trend of the field, throughout the season. 

Customers can use it as a basis for Smartscout flight plan (coming soon) or for manual scouting reports. 

This insight provides an indication of the changes in NDVI values over a period of time, based on standard NDVI satellite imagery provided by Planet.

We assess the NDVI difference on a period of 2 to 7 days, as it is a reasonable period for following NDVI value changes in order to detect an unexpected negative trend and alert about deterioration of the field’s health.

Field Health Trends will be available as a standard offering for all clients with a Planet subscription.


Soil map downloading is now available for additional regions (cerylic)  

A Sneak Preview

Taranis CONNECT is coming soon! 

CONNECT app will be available in the Apple app store and Google play store for downloading.

This release will enable our clients to brand the app with their logo and colors, get their users to onboard the app, and see a list of their planned fields for the season. We will be sharing videos of the new and exciting features of CONNECT scheduled to be released at the April 2021 R1 release. Stay tuned!

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