Taranis Release News - July 2022

July 2022 - Taranis Release News

Dashboard is Now the Web Application Main Landing Page

The insights dashboard is now the default landing page when accessing the web application and selecting the organization from the right side navigation options. The dashboard allows users to best review insights from the current and previous cycle and focus on growers and fields that require the most attention. 

By default, the dashboard presents field level information, sorted by the stand count insight as shown in the screenshot below:

Note that accessing the insights multi-view page is available as before, by selecting the “Insights” option from the left-side menu:

Additional Dashboard Enhancements

The dashboard continues to provide additional use to users with several new functionalities, geared to allow users to gain field level context and support a quicker review of aggregated information.

Field Health Index in the Dashboard

The dashboard now presents the Field Health Index insight as part of the “Fields” table. The insight shows the latest Field Health Index insight value and when expanding the field information users can view a chart with the 10 latest Field Health Index insights.

Clicking on the chart opens the Field Health Index insight over time allowing users to navigate to previous dates. 

Additionally, a Field Health Index filter is now available as part of the top filters section in the dashboard:

Enhanced Navigation and Information Display

To further simplify access and use of information the following enhancements were made:

  • When expanding a field, the missions are now sorted from latest to oldest, allowing users to better view the most recent insights 

  • Area of review was moved to the right side of the table, providing more focus on insights

  • Filter sizes were reduced to allow more field and growers information to be presented 

Multiple Weeds Insights Zones Export

Multiple zone files can now be created and exported based on the weeds insight heatmap. This allows faster use of zones for applications for whole farms, clients or organizations.

As creating hundreds of zones can take a while, an email notification is sent once the zones have been created and are ready to export. Before downloading, the zone files can be filtered by date, field, farm, client and insight type (Weeds in general, broadleaf or grasses).

Updated Login Page 

The Taranis web application login page was updated with new imagery:

Capitan Enhancements

The Capitan system continues to be enhanced to allow drone pilots a more efficient operational process before and after executing missions.

The latest enhancements include the ability to filter missions by date as well as adding the mission number to the table view, supporting an optimized field selection process. 

In The Works 

  • User Feedback: allowing web application users to provide feedback on an annotated image as well as on the insight. The feedback will be used to further improve the quality and consistency of the Taranis insights and provides an opportunity for users to express their thoughts and share comments regarding insights and images.

  • Threats filter in the dashboard: users will be able to filter insights within the dashboard based on specific threats

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