June 2021 - Taranis Release News

June 2021 - Taranis Release News

Quality, Quality, Quality!

As part of our efforts to ensure our customers have a flawless experience when using our products, we have implemented over 50 improvements in the product and its infrastructure. Among those improvements, were the following items:


  • Over a dozen of improvements in the Taranis Web App and CONNECT to ensure a better user experience when viewing and analyzing Insights. 

  • Improvements in Taranis CONNECT to ensure smooth performance of our new Insights filter. 

  • A dozen improvements in our operation tools to increase our service reliability and Insights accuracy. 


In addition, our Field Health Insights reliability was improved to ensure that Field Health Insights are being generated for dates in the past where initially no images were provided by Planet. Once those images are provided to us by Planet, we will confirm that Field Health Insights are being generated and backfilled to ensure continuous availability of the Insight. 

Taranis CONNECT 

As mentioned above, we have further refined the performance of our Insights Filter in Taranis CONNECT and have released it on June 13th. 

Taranis Web Application

In order to optimize the user experience and minimize the number of clicks, we have made changes to our defaults in the Web App. 

Labels on Google Maps will be on by default for quicker orientation when viewing the map.

All available images for the field are now visible, by default, for quicker access.

Mobile Scouting Application

We have made a change to the name of our scouting application for users to be better able to distinguish between Taranis CONNECT and our mobile scouting application when searching in the app or play store. As you can see in the image below, the new name is ‘Mobile Scouting Application’. Over the course of the next few months, we will implement more and more scouting functionality into Taranis CONNECT and discontinue the support for our current scouting application. 




Insects Insights & Defoliation for Soybeans

We have made improvements in the user experience and interface of our Insects Insights for soybeans. Previously, in case we detected defoliation in soybeans, we have presented information around Insects Detected & Damage and Defoliation. In order to streamline the user experience and simplify our product, we have made changes in the product logic to only show the Defoliation score when we detect it in the field. This focus helps the users more quickly identify and process the main value added pieces of information. In case, we have not been able to detect any Defoliation in the field, we will revert back to the Insects Detected and Insects Damage Analysis.


Average Population Planted

In order to add more context to the information we are showing in the emergence insights, we are presenting the average population that was planted as part of the insight. This number will provide the sales agronomists and grower more information on how to evaluate the average number of plants as identified in the emergence insight and derive better recommendations on replanting or fertilization. In case, the sales agronomists or grower have not entered the average planted population as part of the field setup, this information will not show up in the UI of the emergence insight. 

Field Velocity Insight Deprecation

As part of our efforts to ensure that we maintain a clean and streamlined user experience and interface in our web application, we are continuously monitoring the usage of all of our features. In order to further streamline our user interface and enable our users to focus on high value-added features, we have decided to deprecate the Field Velocity Insight. This insight has been used by our users very rarely and for very minor use cases mainly around weather and GDD. From this sprint onwards, we have removed this feature from the web application. Information around cumulative rainfall and the cumulative heat unit chart were moved under the weather section of the web application and will be accessible to our customers. In addition, customers who want to receive information about the biomass progress of their field over the course of time can check out our ‘Field Health’ Insight. This insight enables customers to track the progress of the NDVI over the course of a season.


A Sneak Preview - Coming Soon

Field Health PDF Report

We will be removing the compared dynamic NDVI layer images from the field health pdf report. As colorful and appealing as they are, the NDVI values scale that each layer is based on is different for each one, causing them to be not comparable. 

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