June 2022 - Taranis Release News

June 2022 - Taranis Release News

Downloading Insights for Offline Availability in CONNECT

Using the new “Available Offline” option in the fields menu tab, users are now able to see and use insights even when they are going out in the field. The CONNECT mobile application provides a seamless experience for downloading field insights–heatmap, sample images and captured note. 

Users pre select the fields for offline availability, and the app will download all of the insights up to a year back, including the last 7 field health insights. 

The offline available insights will appear on the new Downloaded Insights option in the left side menu:  

Additionally, indications were added to make sure the user is aware the latest insights are available on the Recent Insights option in the left side menu. 


More information about the CONNECT mobile app can be found here: https://knowledge.taranis.ag/portal/en/kb/gettingstarted/taranis-connect-app

Taranis Web Application Performance Improvement 

Users can now navigate with enhanced speed through the web application as the overall performance has been enhanced by more than 50% in the fields navigation pane and when loading the multi-field view (mostly noticeable for big organizations).

Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • The Dashboard stand count threshold was changed from 98% to 90% to spotlight only most relevant fields

  • Emails are sent to all users with only their relevant subscribed fields

  • Weeds pressure for sugarcane is also presented in the map hover display

In The Works 

  • Dashboard Enhancements - we plan to utilize the Insights Dashboard as the main homepage for users to simplify access to insights

  • Zones Bulk Export - create and export multiple weeds zone shapefiles for a whole farm, client or organization based on insight heatmap


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