March 2020 - Taranis Release News

March 2020 - Taranis Release News

Branded reports

Taranis customers ask for the ability of co-branded reports so the exported report will contain their logo beside the Taranis logo.

Now customers will be able to add their organization logo and export all Taranis’s reports such as Insights and App reports with their logo.

To add a logo to the reports CS should open a ticket, attach the logo and mention the organization name related to the logo, Fabio or Dor will upload it to the database

*The format of the logo can be png or jpeg.

Why should I care? 

Our clients can export and share their reports to their consumers directly with both logos.

Histogram for Emergence insight in MultiView 

We added a histogram the same as in all other insights that will show the user the status of his fields in MultiView.
Emergence calculation will calculate all fields with results in the chosen date range.

The next step is to add the ability to edit histogram thresholds, the same as in weeds insight.

Why should I care?

Your client can view his field's Emergence status in MultiView and focus on fields with low emergence as well as a summary for the relevant fields such as - Total area with Emergence insight, percentage of area for each threshold, etc.

Important Updates

As part of our  ongoing effort to focus our users on the information and actions,   the following improvements were made: 

  • Choosing a field in MultiView in Map layer & Insights sections will open the field with the result

For example:

After selecting Insights in MultiView and then selecting a field from the list or on the map, the platform will present the relevant insight in a single field.

  • Add mark around a single field in Map layer & Insights - multiple fields

Why should I care? 

These improvements will help your clients to use the platform smoothly.

For example, your client can now get from MultiView Insights to the single field with the same represented insight and continue exploring without selecting the insight again.

Airbus images

Higher-resolution satellite images (1.2 m/p) are available, going back to February, for all clients that ordered it, or that ordered Planet images and didn’t get them. 

Available layers are NDVI, NDVI standard, and Visible (RGB) and will show up in satellite layers (look for satellite images called SPOT 67 ), given that you ordered them for your clients, via this sheet. 

For additional  information, please contact 


Still in progress:  email notification sent to the client when airbus map layers are available. 

Creating Zones From Taranis’s Insights

Now the users will be able to create Zones directly from Taranis’s insights (Weed and Emergence) or edit heatmap threshold and create Zones accordingly. The users can create Zones in two flows:

The first one is directly from the insight 

The second one from Edit layer section
The users will be able to edit the threshold and add/remove color according to their needs.

The Zones will automatically be created by the heatmap

Then, the users can write a prescription with one product or apply multiple or different products for each Zone


New ability as added to the prescription section - Export Prescription

The users will be able to export the prescription by Email, print or download it as a PDF

In the new prescription will have a table with all the information displayed by-product as well as a new column - Quantity

Once the users create the Zones they can also customize it This new ability give the users control over the division of the Zones


The users will be able to draw polygons

Once completing a polygon the color picker will appear

And the Zones will create by the new coloring

Why should I care?

Your client may need to create Zones for spraying weed according to accurate data or edit the data by Edit Layer or Customize Zones so he can use the exact quantity of each product per Zone.

Performance Gap

New NDVI based insight will allow detailed monitoring of the field across the season.
The ‘Difference’ heatmap will help understand what parts of the field need attention due to the decrease (or increase, depending on crop stage) of the chlorophyll level scanned in those areas.

The heatmaps will reflect the differences between a) recent image and the one before and b) recent image and the one taken prior to the previous.

On top of that, once 3 images are taken, the user will be able to follow a trend presented as a graph of the calculated ‘Difference’ heatmaps along with the NDVI average at each point in time.

Map Layer Legend

View average and min/max for the selected layers in the legend for all layers in MultiView and single-mode. 

Use this average to assess the state of the field according to the satellite image layer.

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