May 2021 - Taranis Release News

May 2021 - Taranis Release News

Taranis CONNECT Mobile App 

Search Insights

Introducing the search tool in Taranis CONNECT. This functionality will enable sales agronomists to quickly cut through all the Insights received and view only those Insights for a specific grower, field, or farm. As a result, sales agronomists will be able to quickly prepare for meetings with their growers and offer valuable Insights to further establish them as the trusted advisor.  

Filter Insights

In the next couple of days,  we will introduce the ability to filter insights in Taranis CONNECT based on crop type, insights type, and insights date range. In addition, sales agronomists can set their own thresholds for Insights scores to see only those fields with Insights above a certain score. As an example, this capability will enable sales agronomists to quickly filter for those fields with the lowest corn emergence and/or those fields with the worst weeds pressure. In that manner, sales agronomists will be able to identify the most promising engagement opportunities and ensure that they are spending their time most effectively with their growers.   
In the screenshots below, you can see the multiple filters which can be applied on the Insights : crop, insight type (e.g. Weeds), dates range (e.g. Smartscout mission date) as well as the ability to set a threshold for the Insights to filter out any Insights that is not within the threshold range.   


Taranis Web Application

Insights Date Optimization

In order to ensure that sales agronomists will always see those Insights that are most recent, we have defaulted the Insights date range to the most recent two weeks with available Insights. This configuration could show Insights from the last two weeks or from an earlier point in time in case no Insights were available in the last two weeks. This behavior is consistent across our UI for multiple fields, the overview dashboard and the mapview. 

Emergence and Weeds Insights - Part II

Following the simplification of the way we display the insights in Taranis CONNECT (as shared in April 2021 newsletter), we’re moving to align the web application with all of the textual and visual changes to titles and histograms as they were implemented in CONNECT.

Fields Summarization for Weeds

As communicated in April 2021 release news, species scores were added to the CSV file available for downloading from the web application.

Capitan - Pilot Operations Tool

Product Performance & Reliability 

As the season is heating up and more and more pilots are using our tools to service more and more acres, we have invested significant efforts to improve the performance and reliability of Capitan - our pilot operations tool. After these improvements, users can expect an even more reliable process of image validation enabling them to spend less time in the field. In addition, to further reduce our service SLA, we have invested in additional tools to ensure that Capitan is more reliable and as a result faster - especially as we roll out additional improvements over the course of the season. 


Atlas - Missions Management Platform


MapAtlas is the main tool to manage missions. As such, we have continuously invested in improving MapAtlas capabilities in order to make the process more easier and efficient. To that extent, in the last iteration we added several features:


  1. Filter by colors - the color of the mission indicates the flight urgency. The most common use case is to leave on the map only the most urgent missions (colored in red). With this filter, the user can focus only on those missions that are urgent and time sensitive.

  2. Clear map selection - to improve the usability of the MapAtlas, we have provided users with the ability to revert the mission selection on the map. This way, the user won’t need to filter again to revert to the previous state. 

  1. Filter by hub, filter by operational model - we have added 2 simple but significant filters such as operational model (full-service/self-service) and hub. These filters together with our existing filters will enable our users to more easily and quickly find missions that require attention. 

Intelligent Flight Scheduling 

Support Expansion Plans

In order to support the increased demand in our services, we have enabled our system to show any additions to existing service plans such as: 


  1. Adding Areas (ac/ha) - ability to add more fields to the original plan. 

  2. Adding Missions - add to the number of missions per field to increase the frequency of the service.


Simple as before, you can add fields to your expansion plans as you did to original plans.


A Sneak Preview - coming soon

Field Health Insight

We will be shortly rolling out the 2.0 version of our Field Health Insight. With the new capabilities, users can more quickly and easily spot those areas in the field that require their attention. As part of the new version, we will highlight those areas in the field with NDVI values that are anomalies compared to the rest of the field. These highlighted areas provide a clear indication for the grower/agronomists to focus on those parts of the field to ensure the yield for the field is optimized. 

Field Velocity Insight is being deprecated

Velocity is an insight that calculates an index called WDRVI on a span of multiple growing cycles. Field Health insight replaces this insight and provides the value of trending crop behavior. Deprecation of the insight will mean that both current or historical data will no longer appear on the web app. The insight will be removed from the Insights bar, on the multi-view and single view:

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