My Plans Tab on Taranis SmartScout Web App

My Plans Tab on Taranis SmartScout Web App

The My Plans tab is where you go to select the fields you would like to place SmartScout and PlanetScope orders for. Once you have uploaded field boundaries in the Taranis dashboard, this is where you will go to schedule SmartScout flights and order the Planet satellite imagery. 

Click on the My Plans tab located on the left side of the screen

There the user will see two separate boxes for SmartScout & Satellite Imagery plans

To edit individual plans click on edit plan button on either the SmartScout or Satellite Imagery box 

After you click edit plan the user has the option to edit plans by either selecting individual field boundaries on the map or by drawing a polygon around the area of fields. Once selected, fields will populate under field selection within the plans tab, then the user will click continue
Tip: If you are selecting all the fields in your account, it is easiest to draw a polygon and select all of them at the same time. 

After the user clicks continue the my plans tab will summarize the total field selection and ask to confirm the request

Once the request is confirmed, the page will redirect to the My Plans tab and will show the selected fields in the request as well as the flight schedule once determined in season.

You can edit SmartScout orders by clicking on edit plan. 

In order for SmartScout orders to be flown in season, the user must make sure they have all updated planting information. This includes planting date, row spacing, crop and average population.

Refer to Field Data for further support.

When placing a Satellite Imagery order in the my plans tab, the user will go through the same process.

It is important to note once Satellite Imagery orders are placed, it cannot be edited or undone

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