Using the Taranis Dashboard

Using the Taranis Dashboard

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    • Creating a Zone from the Dashboard

      Please see below how to create a zone starting at the Taranis Dashboard!
    • Using the Taranis Dashboard

    • Using NDVI Layers in Taranis Web App

      Taranis SmartScout™ satellite layers can help you detect threats and overall crop health risk to drive in-season and long term fertility plans. Learn how: Standard NDVI Is the normal NDVI (Most used one). The range is always the same 0-1. Main uses: ...
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    • Logging into the Taranis Web App

      To login to your Taranis Web App account, follow these steps:  Receive an email invitation from your Taranis Customer Success Representative  Visit << >>  Use the log in credentials given to you in the email invitation  Reset ...