November 2021 - Taranis Release News

November 2021 - Taranis Release News

Opportunity Explorer - Growers  

A new service is available for agronomists and management working with Taranis. We are now providing them the ability to get a high-level overview export of all of their growers and the acres at risk in all of the fields managed, even across branches (management only). 

The export will show for each grower, how many total acres are being impacted by Weeds (herbicide application opportunity), how many by Disease (Fungicide application opportunity), insects pressure (insecticide), and/or Nutrient Deficiencies (micronutrients, fertilization, etc.). 


Prioritized by the size of the business opportunity per client, this new aggregation allows for quick actioning and engagement prioritization, while showing the full picture for Taranis clients’ decision-makers. 


This ability will be available for users, by the beginning of the next US season.  

Contact Product for getting the data as a CSV file (see an example below*) before general availability in the Webapp UI.  


*Growers' names and specifics were removed - but these are actual opportunity sizes for a 5th pass which was provided for hundreds of fields for one of Taranis' customers.     


Intelligent Flight Scheduling (IFS) 2.0

A new version of the IFS we used in the previous season. This time we would like to take the service to the next level and create the missions based on the crop stage instead of iterative ways.
As part of this project, we integrate with 3rd party providers for the crop stage model (ClearAg by DTN) in order to be more accurate with our flight timing.

So far we finished the implementation of Corn and Soybean according to the new model:

Mission #1

Mission #2

Mission #3

Mission #4

Mission #5


What: Stand count, weed broad/grass (or species if possible)

What: Weeds species for finding resistance weeds, ND

What: Weeds species, insect damage, ND, Disease

What: Weeds species, insect damage, ND, Disease

What: Weeds species, insect damage, ND, Disease

When: v1-v3

When: v3-v5

When: v7-v10

When: v12-R1

When: R3-R4


What: Stand count, weed broad/grass (or species if possible)

What: Weeds species for finding resistance weeds

What: Weeds species, insect damage, ND, Defoliation

What: Disease, Insect ( defoliation), ND, Weeds species  

What: Disease, Insect ( defoliation), ND, Weeds species  

When: v1-v2 (vc-v1 according to cleasrAg, first trifoliate)

When: v3-v5

When: v9-R1

When: R3-R4 

When: R5


Main changes from IFS 1.0

  1. Create only one mission at a time, and create the next mission just after the current mission has flown

    1. At least 5 days after the current mission actual flight date

    2. At least 3 days of the flight window

    3. At most 10 days of forecasting crop stage information

  2. Ability to create a mission manually in cases the IFS is down or malfunctioning 

  3. When we set the mission’s flight window, we will not change it (only manually if needed)


Bug Fixes 

New insights not being shown in CONNECT were fixed, together with issues when sharing insights with other users of the app. 

We have updated the email triggering logic, to stop sending satellite-based insight reports, now that we’re in the off-season, in the US. 

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