October 2021 - Taranis Release News

October 2021 - Taranis Release News

Enhanced Data Privacy for Climate Fieldview Integration 

In order to better protect the privacy of our customers’ data, we made improvements to our integration with Climate FieldView. Growers are now able to more easily determine which fields’ data to share with Climate Fieldview and update that list on a continuous basis if necessary.

Users can simply choose to connect with ClimateFieldView on the user settings page and a fields selection window will open to choose the fields they would like to sync with FieldView.

Once chosen, users are then redirected to the Climate FieldView login page to complete the process. At any given time, users are able to update the selected fields by editing the connection on the user settings page.





Defoliation Insight Thresholds Change

In order to enable better prioritization within a field that is experiencing insect damage, we changed the insect defoliation severity thresholds we present and use to create the heatmap by. In addition to that, we have changed the coloring of the insight thresholds to be consistent with other insights.




Field Health

Change in NDVI Average 

In order to better reflect the changes in NDVI field average, we changed the field NDVI data we are presenting in the field health insight from being the latest layer’s average NDVI to be the difference between the two compared layers.





Field Health Insights Aggregation

In order to better present all the insights, SmartScout and Field Health, we have aggregated the Field Health insights under a single floating-point, so that the other insights would be visible more easily.

When clicking to select a specific Field Health insight the user will be presented with the insight date and the percentage of anomaly area in the field, so she could prioritize what insight to look at first.


Field health Insight is translated to Portuguese

Field health insight is now available also in Portuguese, for all our Brazilian customers. This includes the webapp insights and the report that is sent to growers.

Field health insight Emails postseason

We have stopped the notifications we are sending for field health insights created postseason in order not to spam customers that are currently not monitoring crop growth in the fields.

Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure

In our effort to further increase the speed, accuracy, and consistency of our leaf-level insights, we have upgraded our artificial intelligence infrastructure. We have added a separate simulation environment that enables us to test different AI algorithms more quickly and efficiently and identify the optimal AI algorithms for our different SmartScout Insights; all this, without impacting the service/product that our customers currently are enjoying.


Automate the process of canceling a Planet subscription 

In our effort to reduce our maintenance efforts, we constantly improve our processes and try to make them as automatic as possible. It reduces the SLA to the customer and prevents human errors.
This time we invested in automating the canceling of Planet subscription, from a 30 minutes manual and error-prone process to a straightforward, one-step easy process


Fields List CSV - Translations   

We have added translations to the Myfields CSV export file: the column titles will appear in the language configured for the user (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian)

Insight scores on insight list

In order to provide a quicker indication of the insight severity, we will present the insight scores on the field’s list of insights

New Chat - Zoho

We have changed our chat and help center provider to Zoho. This will allow our users to be better informed, supported and helped, by our professionals. 

Flight Planning 

We have developed a new drone flight planning algorithm. This will allow us to create a more efficient way to cover the field with the drone, increase the sampling rate, increase the field’s coverage and improve the battery consumption. 
This is the first step in our road to increase the sampling rate in order to get more information from the field, detect more threats, and take actions based on that.
Currently, we are working to integrate the new algorithm to Capitan, this will be done in a couple of weeks. 


Bug Fixes 

Invitation Email Delivery

We have made sure the invitation emails will reach their target - there were cases where users were not getting the invitation emails sent upon onboarding.  

Better usability for the web app on iPad

We have smoothened the experience of using the map in the web app on an iPad device (through  the browser) 

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