Remote Scouting

Remote Scouting in Taranis Web App

The remote scouting tool enables you to overlay Smartscout images with satellite imagery as well as view all insights together in the field from the same flight date. (i.e view weed, disease, and nutrient deficiency densities at the same time)

Here is a specific example video of looking for ivy leaf morning glory. 

Once logged in, select the field of interest. Click on the Map Layers tab to the left. Then select “Remote Scouting” in the left hand portion of the map view. 

You will have the opportunity to select different insight delivery dates on the tab to the left. The dates with a gray circle indicate where the SmartScout insights were delivered.  Additionally, filter certain threats by toggling the green eye icons.

To add a satellite layer, click “Select Layer” to the right of the map view. Click directly on the map image thumbnail for it to appear in the remote scouting view. If you need help understanding which satellite layer to choose, read the “Satellite Layers in Taranis SmartScout” article or contact your Customer Success Representative. 

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