Taranis Solution Overview

Taranis Solution Overview

The Taranis solution is an agronomy decisions support system (DSS) which utilizes advanced data and image  capture systems, artificial intelligence (AI) analysis and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology for advisors and growers in the agricultural sector. The solution uses leaf-level crop intelligence and enables farmers to increase their yields (reduce crop losses) and reduce costs through better management of crop health factors such as: weeds, resistant weeds, insects, crop stand count, crop disease and nutrient deficiency. This automated detection of threats and other factors, using remote imaging technologies, provide significant efficiencies over the standard manual crop scouting. 

Taranis develops deep learning AI models trained by its proprietary data sets that include submillimeter aerial imagery, field sensors and metadata, satellite imagery, weather forecast and data from its field scouting application to prevent crop losses from weeds, disease and pests. It provides insights to agronomists and advisors (main users) in an efficient and smart manner allowing better decision making, based on actual field data.

The key benefit of the solution lies in its ability to automate and shorten the lengthy process of threat detection and diagnosis currently used by agricultural retailers and growers across the industry and provides demand intelligence from the fields to the agricultural retailers which enhances their sales and helps them develop a trusted relationship with the growers with whom they work.  

Taranis’ solution enjoys a technology leadership position on account of its high-resolution submillimeter imagery data that trains its advanced deep-learning engines, hence, providing  highly actionable insights. In addition to its current crop intelligence solution, Taranis is developing a new type of remote sensing for carbon verification in the soil using satellite imagery, environmental data, weather and climate data, proprietary algorithms, and AI. 

The solution has several pillars, corresponding with the customer life-cycle, crop growing season and data flow in the systems:

  • Customer Onboarding - Taranis’ solution provides a set of admin tools available to both Taranis’ Customer Success and customers to onboard new farms and fields, including their field boundaries (later used for drone flight route), crop and planting date, planted population and more. 

  • Data Acquisition - Taranis’ solution allows data acquisition at all levels, from satellites, planes, and drones covering millions of acres at submillimeter resolution of leaf-level data. The submillimeter image resolution creates high-quality images, allowing growers and agricultural retailers to receive real-time insights. 

  • Analysis - AI and machine learning (ML) deliver actionable crop insights at scale. Taranis’ solution allows multi-layer analysis of imagery (satellite + drone or aircraft) based on over 200 million leaf-level AI-data points creating the largest visual crop symptom database in the world.  The data has been analyzed by over 180 agronomists over six years and it is a dynamic system that is constantly growing. This data library was run through Taranis’ AI engine, leveraging ML and state-of-the-art computer vision (CV), providing actionable insights at scale regarding field health, plant population, weed pressure, disease pressure, insect damage, nutrient deficiency, and carbon sequestration.

  • Action - Taranis’ SaaS software is designed to facilitate the engagement between agricultural retailers and growers, thus improving crop performance in various ways, such as creating fertility programs, seed sale programs, and herbicide applications. The solution’s open architecture allows collaboration with other on-farm technology partners.

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