Upload A New Field Boundary in Taranis SmartScout

Upload A New Field Boundary

Uploading a field boundary is the first thing you will do when you are getting ready for the season. Follow this how to guide on how to upload field boundaries to your Taranis account.

Click on the Field Data tab located on the left side of your screen and select Import Files

Once the import files button is selected, the page will redirect to the imported field data page. To upload field boundaries, select Import in the top right corner of the screen.

After selecting the import button, a box will appear that includes three different options of platforms for importing field data including “John Deere” and “Import From Your Computer.”

Follow the prompts depending on which route you want to take.

Note: Importing shapefiles from your computer is the simplest path at this time.

Once Import from your computer is selected, select field boundaries from the drop data type and click next.

Next you will be able to upload boundaries. Click within the box to upload a ZIP file from the computer. The SHX, DBF & SHP file formats will be needed when importing.

Note: TIFF file formats no longer need to be improved.
Tip: Make sure that the ZIP file does not contain any extra folders when importing.

Once the ZIP is selected, click upload

Once the file uploads, select all of the matching value information. The required fields are Client Name, Farm Name and Field Name. If the user is uploading multiple field boundaries within the ZIP file, it is important to ensure the Multi field bubble is selected. Once all the information is filled out, click upload.

Once the boundary is uploaded and you are back to the data import screen, refresh the page and the field boundary will populate in the my fields list on the right hand side of the screen in the Taranis web app.  

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