Taranis Web and Mobile Applications

Web and Mobile Action Overview

To facilitate engagement with the actionable insights, Taranis provides a web application and a mobile application. Additionally, when new insights are made available, associated users with an Agronomist or Management role will receive an insights email, with the information and link to the web application.

Web Application

The Taranis web application is available to registered users and can be accessed using this link: https://dashboard.taranis.ag/. When logging into the application, users will see their associated organizations and will be able to select the relevant one for engagement. At any point, users can use the right side menu to change their organization, farm, and field selection:


Organization selection upon login screen

Once selected, the users see the multi-field view, allowing them to select a specific insight and see a snapshot of their fields on the map. Alternatively, users can navigate to a specific field and engage with its provided insights.

Multi-field view showing the stand count across the subscribed fields

When accessing a single field, users can navigate to their desired insights, review the acquired images with annotations, filter to specific options, for example: weeds species, disease types and also export the information to PDF to be shared with growers and other people of interest.

Single insight view with a leaf-level, hi-resolution image displayed

The easiest way to engage with the provided insights is to use the web-based Dashboard. The dashboard provides a single interface including information on the organizational growers and their fields. Using the dashboard, users can sort and filter to view their most relevant fields and those with the most “areas for review”.

The dashboard allows a snapshot of the entire field set and a quick filtering and navigation to field of interest

Connect Mobile App

On the CONNECT mobile app, users have the capability to filter by crop, insight, insight date, and planting date to drill down on the fields you would like to prioritize. The mobile app is available both on the Apple Store and the Google Play store for download. 

Using the mobile app users are able to review actionable insights, filter by crop, insight type and date range, download for offline availability and share with other users notes regarding the insight.

The app provides useful means to engage with the Taranis insights when on-the-go, in the field, especially during the growing season when most users are engaged in active field management.


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